Fu mio padre - Book


I lost my father in 2018 but his memory is still very much alive in me.
«Fu mio padre» is a loving portrait of Kelly Costigliolo father’s life as a veteran of the Russian Campaign during the WW2, a gentleman and a personal style icon.
This book is a way of paying tribute to him and fighting the oblivion. I try to protect his «petite mémoire», (litterally "small memory") a term created by the French artist Christian Boltanski to describe how the smallest things may be the ones we care for the most, but are also the easiest to lose.
The artist try to pass on his essence and marvellous anecdote through them.
I have documented Costigliolo Fiorino’s memorabilia and sélectes 12 photographs of his small personal object.

Fabulla Edition
EAN: 9782490127153

Graphic design: Nathalie Cohen
Texte: Kelly Costigliolo and Clara Youssef Fantassin